It is our line of business dedicated to the pumping and distribution of heavy concrete. In it we have a wide range of powerful pumping equipment that adjust to the needs of our clients' projects. In this line we have concrete pumps, stationary pumps and distributor arms. In addition, we have a spare parts department that we have formed with wear parts, it has all the necessary spare parts so that your equipment is always ready for work.

The application of STRENX® 900 technology in our pumps provides the resistance and hardness required by natural wear due to activity, thus extending useful life and providing the end result of efficient work. This in turn allows to lighten the total weight of the equipment, making it the most versatile and compact concrete pumping machine on the market.

In 2019 the Indiconm S.L. we acquired the Utiform brand and converted it into the line dedicated to light concrete pumping; shotcrete, distribution and projection of plaster and mortar. Thus forming a complete range of equipment adapted to the needs of the sector, in which we have flooring conveyors, screw pumps and mixer pumps, allowing us to cover all mortar and plaster applications.

At Utiform we have a specialized technical sales team and a powerful after-sales service network with extensive experience in the sector. It is worth noting our commitment to research and development of new technologies applied to machines since our beginnings, since, concerned about the environmental situation, we were pioneers in creating the range of electrical equipment such as our iMOD line.